Goerner Bionics



With combined forces.

We take full responsibility. From raw material to residual product.

The past teaches us that the future comes from our actions in the present. While some still argue about whether the glass is half full or half empty, we find ourselves in a world that has long been overflowing with people’s garbage.

Our ecosystem is increasingly coming apart at the seams and is already massively damaged. While the theory of free markets suggests that the pressure for change must come from consumers, we see that people are overwhelmed by it. A theory is only as good as the accuracy of its predictions.

People are the users and consumers of our products and not their engineers. We, the industry, are the experts for our products. Therefore, we must not leave the responsibility for the fate of our products solely to the consumer.

For us, innovation is the imperative to do our utmost to develope solutions and products that minimise the ecological impact and, where possible, can be completely reintegrated into the natural cycles.

This is our mission.


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Elisabeth Goerner, DI Wilhelm Siller-Goerner