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Pioneers in Packaging.

The demands on the packaging industry are enormous and could not be more diverse. In Europe alone, around 60 million tons of plastic are produced annually, and the packaging industry is by far the largest customer with a 40% share.

Almost every product – from raw material to finished product – must be packaged and transported several times along the entire value chain until it finally reaches the customer. In addition to protection and transportation, consumer packaging must be appealing, communicate product characteristics and brand promises and, according to studies at the POS, it makes a greater than 60% contribution to stimulating buying impulses.


End with plastic
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Goerner Group


As producers, we in the Goerner Group take full responsibility for our packaging and we think through the cycle consistently from raw material to residual product. As a result, the entire Goerner Group itself is structured in this way: the production waste from folding box production is the raw material for Formpack where we have pooled our expertise in moulded fibre production.

The 3 logos of the Goerner Group, Goerner Packaging, Goerner Formpack and Goerner Bionics form a cycle. Von Goerner Bionics shows another arrow into the open future.



Packaging on behalf of the environment.

Inspired by nature, we think in life cycles and closed loops. Our packaging has a purpose. And a life thereafter.

At Goerner Bionics, we are dedicated to innovation and further development in the service of sustainability.

Our partners benefit from our expertise in process engineering, the paper industry and cartonboard production, from a strong team and our skills, which we have handed down over decades and developed continuously.

Together with our team, we develop from product idea to series production. And process engineering, including toolmaking, is also available at the same time if required.

Working with a major industrial partner, we have been able to bring Gbfiber, our latest innovation, to market maturity. With it, we are providing an important impetus for saving single-use plastics and we will be presenting it for the first time at FachPack 2019 in Nuremberg.


Weiterlesen GBfiber

A circular school of fish in the sea.



Bionics. Inspired by nature.

Bionics is an amalgamation of the terms biology and technics. Leonardo da Vinci used it first when transferring his observations from bird flight to the construction of his legendary flying machines.

Today, bionics is one of the most exciting and promising fields of research. From the famous beading effect of lotus leaves to the blue morpho butterfly, whose colour is created only by refracting light from its nanometre-sized wing scales, to the kilometre-long threads of small silk cocoons – the perfection of natural cycles inspires researchers all over the world.

Abperleffekt auf dem Lotusblatt
Silk cocoons
The blue Morpho butterfly

With the responsibility for our wonderful planet, its ecosystems and future generations in mind, we develop packaging that is completely integrated into new life cycles and – depending on the raw material used – is industrially compostable.

The route of packaging does not end at the customer, but rather with its final disposal. In terms of sustainability, we measure quality against the ecological impact that our product leaves behind on final disposal.



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